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Adventure Camp

Conectados Adventure Camp is a camp for Christian kids and teens, where they get to encounter God as well as have an outdoors adventure experience!

Basic Information

Language: English & Spanish
(The camps are fully bi-lingual!)
Weekend Camp for Ages 9-12
Date: June 28-30, 2024
Cost: $1,500 pesos
Weekend Camp for Ages 13-16 
July 12-14, 2024
Cost: $1,500 pesos

Conectados ("Connected") Adventure Camp is designed with the purpose of helping Christian kids to grow deeper in their walk with God as they also enjoy and experience life outdoors in the mountains. Our desire is to see the kids grow in their faith, maturity, relationships, attitude and skills, as they learn to see the world more as God does. The adventure camp will mix practical and spiritual teachings as well as having a mixture of learning times and of hands-on skill training. There is nowhere better than in nature to learn more about God! This  camp is also bi-lingual, so it is a great opportunity for participants to practice a second language!

Here are some of the activities that we do during the camp!

We gather in groups to process the teaching times as well as all of the experiences throughout the camp. This is a safe place for the kids to express themselves as well as learn through processing questions together.

Small Groups

The participants will receive times of biblical teaching, aimed at helping them to get to know God for themselves. We believe that age doesn't matter in your relationship with God! We want to help each child to have a real and personal relationship with God.


We will introduce basic outdoors skills such as knot tying, cooking over a fire, first aid, etc. They will get to experience life in the mountains and away from electronics! In fact, there will not be any electricity at the camp. A great way for them to experience the beauty of God's creation!

Outdoors Skills

Kids are called to worship God and to pray for others ("intercede"). In creative ways we take times to thank God for who He is and what He has done in our lives, as well as remember and pray for various nations, peoples and situations around the world.

Worship & Intercession

We will take time to hike and explore in the mountain! We are located in a place with beautiful views and things to see. We will take the kids on age appropriate walks in the areas around the camp.


Our property is set up for a myriad of team building games and activities. One way we teach is through games and activities! Critical thinking, team work, problem solving, and communication are all skills that can be developed in a fun and challenging way!


Come and join us for a fun and adventure packed weekend!

* We have a limited amount of space each year.

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