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Do you want to serve on staff with us?

God has called us as YWAM Santiago to raise up leaders among the youth. We are committed to young people, those that we are reaching within our city as well as those who God brings us from afar. Our goal is to see young leaders give themselves without reserve to the only One worthy of their lives. Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive the honor due His sufferings. YWAM Santiago is looking for youth who are passionate for Jesus, ready for new challenges, and above all else have a heart to serve. Also those that have a heart to train and disciple Dominican youth! Is that you? Then it could be that YWAM Santiago is the place you are looking for.

Staff Opportunities: (Full time)  

Everyone who works with Youth With A Mission is a volunteer! No one receives a salary or compensation of any kind. All of our staff are full-time volunteers who raise their funds themselves, through churches, family, and individuals who partner with them. YWAM Santiago needs staff to help in the following areas or a combination of them:

NIKOLAND development and Training Retreats:

Physical Development: There is huge potential in our NIKOLAND property! What is the most limiting is man hours. We need people with the physical skills to help expand and develop the property. There is also the upkeep aspect that takes time and intentionality. In the Caribbean, things grow year round, so it takes year round maintenance!


Camp & Retreat Staff: People with a heart to use adventure, fun, and the outdoors to teach valuable lessons. Lessons about God, personal character development, team building, and personal growth. We need staff to help in preparing the facility and property for these training times and to help with the retreats and activities for schools, churches, and groups. Some are just for a day, others for a weekend or a whole week. Requires a heart to serve, willingness to serve and work in many different areas, and mature ability to work with people.

Other Areas

Help in the Center: During the year we host various short term missions teams. With more people there's more work. We need help in the kitchen, maintenance, hospitality, logistics and many other areas.


New initiatives: What is your vision? Has God put  the Dominican Republic on your heart? Are you hungry to learn what God is doing here and to get to know a new people? Do you want to explore new ways of how to reach and teach people with the good news? Share your thoughts with us and we'll be glad to have a conversation with you and see how we can come alongside each other or connect you with other opportunities.

Requirements for New Staff:  All YWAM Santiago staff need to have completed a DTS (Discipleship Training School) and need to have a heart ready to learn, grow and serve. If you are interested, please contact us!


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