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Working with groups is one of the things that is at the very core of YWAM Santiago! It is something that we are both passionate about and experienced in.

Who are retreats for?
  • Churches

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Families

  • Youth Groups

  • Leadership teams

  • Businesses

  • and / or any other interested organization or group.

Retreats are held at our beautiful NIKOland property in the mountains outside of Santiago.
Here are some ideas of retreat options that we offer.
We also know that every group is different!  You can also look and see how you can customize your own retreat!
Team Building

Family, School, Work, Church, etc. We function in many different teams during our lives. We work on essential aspects to have a healthy, functioning, and productive team!


We can gladly include a teaching time in the retreats. Frequently discussed topics are worldview, teamwork, missions, hearing God's voice, leadership and relationships. We are open to exploring other topics as well.*

Prayer Retreats

Our property is the perfect setting for a time of personal reflection and prayer. We can lead structured prayer retreats or provide the space for your group to have a quiet prayer get-away.


The mountains are also a great place for some adventures in nature! From walks, hiking, to a little more intense off-the-beaten-path exploring!

Cultural Experience

Our team is comprised of multiple nationalities, and have traveled to over 50 nations! We love to share the traditions, cultures, and food of these nations with others! It is both educational and fun mixed together!

Time Frame & Cost

The format of the retreats are flexible.

It can be a couple of hours, one morning, a whole day, a couple of days, and so on. The cost varies depending on the amount of people, duration, transportation and food.


Are you looking for something specific or have a theme in mind? Contact us and we will see what we can do!

* We are also willing and available to teach in workshops in churches or other kinds of meetings, with a special focus on workshops having to do with missions.

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