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The word NIKO comes from Greek and is pronounced “nee-ko.”

It means, “to subdue, conquer, overcome, or get the victory.”

Basic Information

Date: March 25-29th, 2024             
Cost: USD$100
Elegibility: Ages 15+
People who desire to challenge themselves and grow in their relationship with God & others.

A NIKO lets you learn in the classroom of life by “doing” instead of only listening. It will challenge you in your personal walk with God and others, through hands-on experiences.

NIKO is a leadership development and missions training program in the outdoors, run by YWAM Santiago. It is a 5 day adventure camp, where you will get to practice what you learn and discover more of who God has created you to be. You will grow in how to work in a team, be trained in leadership, and be challenged to go beyond your limits in ways you didn't know you could. We have seen radical changes in groups as they learn to give up their individual rights, grow in interdependence, and find strength in God. Join us and discover God in new ways!


Everything we do, or don’t do, affects somebody else. “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others”- Phil. 2:4


The laying down of my will for God’s will. When I embrace God’s will with mine, then He can do what He desires for me and the world.

Servant Leadership

Understand your influence. Leadership is not about who is smarter or tougher, but about the qualities we all have or can work on.


Service is the outward expression of inward surrender. Service is action born out of your heart motivation.


NIKO was founded in 1985 in Hawaii as a program of King’s Kids International, to train Outreach teams by taking them out of their comfort zone and teaching them about Surrender, Teamwork and Servant Leadership, before they went overseas. It was then exported to other parts of the world where it has seen growth and diversification through the years. It is now run in over 30 countries around the world. 


Option 1

Fill out online form. Afterwards we will send you the medical and release forms that will need to be printed and sent back.

*Online form is in spanish only.

Option 2

 Download the paper application, fill it out, then scan and email it to

Have Questions?

For information about the NIKO2 camp, which is designed for people who have already done and staffed Niko, please contact us directly. 

The Niko2 is a camp where you learn more about self leadership and living a life of intimacy with God.

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