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Conectados is a camp for Christian kids and teens, where they get to encounter God as well as share Him with others!

Basic Information

Cost: 4,000 pesos
Elegibility: Ages 7-16

Conectados ("Connected") is a ten day camp, designed with the purpose of helping Christian kids to grow deeper in their walk with God as well as equipping them and leading them in serving others. Our desire is to see the kids grow in their faith, maturity, relationships, attitude and skills, as they learn to see the world more as God does and understand their role in reaching out to others. We believe that kids are able to walk with God in ministering to others, not just in the future when they are adults, but also today!

Here are some of the activities that we do during the camp!

We gather in groups to process the teaching times as well as all of the experiences throughout the camp. This is a safe place for the kids to express themselves as well as learn through processing questions together.

Small Groups

The first week of the camp is focused on establishing the foundations, as the kids learn in a classroom setting about who God is, who they are, healthy relationships, the Gospel, missions and God's calling to love and serve others.


In the first part of camp the kids learn and prepare dramas, choreographies and various circus skills, in preparation for the second part. This gives them something to share with others as well as develop in their character - through perseverance, creativity and teamwork.


Kids are called to worship God and to pray for others ("intercede"). In creative ways we take times to thank God for who He is and what He has done in our lives, as well as remember and pray for various nations, peoples and situations around the world.

Worship & Intercession

The dramas, choreographies and circus skills that are learned in the first days are taken to the streets - to parks, orphanages, and churches. The truth of the Gospel is shared with others as the kids step outside of their comfort zones and enjoy showing what they have learned.


In the second part the focus is on reaching out to others. Through practical service like picking up garbage, painting, cleaning, giving hugs or serving food. By using words through sharing testimonies from up front or speaking with people one on one. This is a chance to share the good news with others of the hope that we have in Christ.

Sharing with others

Come and join us for ten days you will never forget!

* We have a limited amount of space each year.

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